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Improve Your Website

Your business deserves to have an awesome website and your customers, existing and potential, will appreciate an attractive and informative site that has the functions and features they need.  Your site must quickly inform them of the products or services you provide.  You must make it easy for people to purchase your products/services or get in touch with you.  You want to build trust with your customers and increase their confidence in your business.

Having a website doesn't have to mean that you must have a separate online property (e.g.  Other channels, such as Facebook, can allow you to sell your products and services as well.

Build Your Website

If you don't currently have a website, or want to restart from scratch, I can do that.  We'll review design options to determine what resonates with you, what will represent your business well, and what will engage and excite your customers.

Webpages will be structured and designed to optimize the customer experience. 

I build websites with a 'mobile-first' mentality.  People are using mobile devices more and more in their day-to-day lives and your website will be optimized for mobile.  The design and placement of Call to Action buttons will entice the eye and encourage customers to click. 

If you need one, we'll set up an online store to promote the products or services that you offer.  Your store can be integrated with online payment systems​ and configured for cross-platform promotion with social media sites.  Your new website will include webpages important to your online business such as cookie and privacy policies.  It will also have the features that allows customers to contact you easily via phone, email, or chat.

Search engine optimization is important and I'll implement techniques to Improve Your Search Ranking. I prefer the Wix Web Builder Platform due to the flexibility and numerous features it offers.  Check out some of the main features of the platform.

A new website can be just the thing to improve your online profile, expand your brick and mortar business, enhance your customer engagement, and increase your sales.  

Update Your Website

If you already have a website, I can help address issues found in the Website Quality Assessment.  I can also update your webpages to include enhancements for search engine optimization (SEO) that were detailed in the Online Presence Assessment.

Note:  I am not a web developer.  If your website is custom-built I won't be able to apply changes to your website though I will work with whomever you currently have engaged for site maintenance to ensure that all necessary changes are implemented correctly.

If your current platform allows, I'll implement techniques to Improve Your Search Ranking.

There may be restrictions with your current website platform that doesn't allow us to correct the issues found by the Website Quality Assessment and Online Presence Assessment.  If the issues are serious enough, we can discuss the option of migrating the website to another platform such as Wix (my preference). I prefer Wix due to the robust features, functions, and integration points it has.  Regardless, we can discuss the pros and cons of each platform to determine what would work best for your business.

Migrating your website to a modern platform can provide you with the opportunity to refresh your site and improve your customer engagement.

Optimize Your Business Page

If you use a Facebook business page to promote your business, whether by itself or in conjunction with a separate business website, I will help you improve and optimize your Facebook business page.   Google Business Profile is another platform that needs optimization for maximum customer engagement.

I'll make sure that your business profiles are set-up completely and that information about your products and services are detailed and configured to quickly convert interested customers into paying customers.

Improve Your Search Ranking

Improve Your Search Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is kind of like breaking rock down with a hammer: you chip away again and again over a long period of time and your search rankings improve.  Techniques include the analysis of search engine reporting, keyword research, and competitor analysis.  There are some things that you can do right at the beginning to help search engines, like Google and Bing, get a better understanding of your business and what each webpage is about.

Correctly defining the structure of a webpage makes sure that search engines know about the topic of webpage content and the content sections within the page.  These techniques also help with webpage accessibility compliance.  Here are a couple of techniques that I'll investigate and implement.

Page Structure

Page Title

A webpage title that is descriptive and concise.  Each page title on your website should be unique for each page but also include website branding.  For example, the title of this webpage is "Improve Your Website | online marketing consultant | tee em tee consulting".

Each block of text on a webpage is defining with specific tags that indicate what type of text it is.  For example, regular paragraph text is defined with a <p> tag.  Search engines look for heading tags to identify page topics and sections.  Heading tags are also hierarchical (1,2,3,4...) and you want to ensure that you are following that structure. The heading tags and structure for this webpage are:

Heading Structure

Heading 1: Improve Your Website
Heading 2: Update Your Website
Heading 2: Build Your Website
Heading 2: Optimize Your Business Page
Heading 2: Improve Your Search Ranking
Heading 3: Page Structure
Heading 4: Page Title
Heading 4: Heading Structure
Heading 3: Structured Data
Heading 4: Rich Results

As you can see, the heading structure defines the topic of the webpage and describes each section within the page content providing search engines a clear idea on what information people will find on this webpage.

This is behind-the-scenes information that provides further information about each webpage and your business.  This information also affects how your webpage will be displayed in search results.  

Structured Data

There is an abundance of information that can be included in structured data, defined uniquely for each webpage.  This document contains the structured data for the homepage of this website.

Don't have Adobe Reader?

Structured data can also cause your webpage to present Rich Results in search results.

Google and Bing may decide to display the additional information you've provided in your structured data in the search results, commonly called rich results or rich snippets.  Rich Results further enhances how your business is presented in search results and can make it quick and easy for people to learn more about you, get to important information or buy a product.  Here's how appears with rich results in Google search results.

Rich Results

Read more about rich results in Google's article Explore the search gallery

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