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Online Presence

New customers will most likely discover your business using a search engine, an interactive online map or other online business location services (Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.).  Existing customers may also use these tools to access your website.

It's critical that your business information is complete and accurate on all platforms.  You can lose business even before they make it to your website.

Organic Search

I'll analyze the presentation of your business on top search engines (usually Google and Bing), using keywords specific to your business, in order to determine your search ranking and the accuracy of information displayed.  I can perform this assessment targeting a regional or global audience, whatever makes sense.

If your website is not registered with Google and Bing search engines I'll correct that. 

Registering with Google and Bing provides access to some excellent tools such as search performance and which webpages are mobile-friendly.  This can help improve and enhance your search results listing.  

What also helps is ensuring that your website content and page structure makes it easy for search engines to understand your business and key aspects about it (products/service, contact information, etc.).  I will review your webpage structure to ensure that it's set-up for search engines.  I can add structured data to each webpage (what is this?) to increase the chance that they will display with rich results (tell me more) when your webpage is listed in search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SE0) is not just a one-time task.  You should be regularly researching ways to improve how your business is presented on search engines, and how your search ranking is relative to your main competitors.  I have tools and techniques available that can regularly review geolocated search rankings, website backlink penetration, and keyword research.  I will routinely examine and identify opportunities for optimization.

Business Registries

Google, Bing and Apple all have business registries that improve your business listing on organic search and their map tools, desktop and mobile. 

I'll register your business with these tools and ensure that all information is complete and accurate. 

We'll also talk about ways to optimize your business profile on these registrars to help maximize your customer engagement on these platforms.

Social Media

Having a website may not be enough. You may want to engage your customers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  I can help you enhance your business profile on those platforms and ensure that they're set-up to drive customers to your website.

I'll also integrate your social sites analytics into consolidated reporting so that you have a complete understanding of customer engagement.  I'll also be able to retain data longer than these sites do, allowing for better trend analysis on customer connection and conversion.

I'll look for your business using Google and Bing maps on a laptop and Google, Bing and Apple Maps on a mobile phone using keywords and targeted geo-location similar to what was used for organic search.

Online Maps

The location of your business and map ranking will be reviewed and assessed.

I'll ensure that any missing or incorrect information is complete and accurate.

Business Aggregators

Often business registries will pull information from existing websites or platforms, like Facebook and Yelp, to present to customers.

I'll review the accuracy of your business information on these online listings, register your business, update and optimize your information on these platforms.

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