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Helping you improve customer connection and engagement.

How can I help you strengthen your connection to existing and potential customers and improve your customer engagement?

Your online business has a number of customer touchpoints: your website, third-party services, business aggregators, social media sites, etc.  I`m here to investigate, evaluate, assess, and enhance how your business ATTRACTs, ENGAGEs and RETAINs potential and existing customers.

All my work is done from a customer`s perspective with increased attention to detail to identify issues, areas for improvement, and opportunities to expand your business profile.  

Online marketing strategies often refer to a "marketing pyramid".  The pyramid helps define the different aspects of digital marketing that require focus and helps prioritize where you should focus first: you start from the pyramid base then move upwards.  If you search online for images related to the phrase "online marketing pyramid" you'll find a number of images, with substantial differences between them.  Mostly, these differences are due to different maturity levels of a marketing strategy, or the pyramid is focused on specific aspects of online marketing (for example, a pyramid specific to online ads).

For the work that I do, I consider the marketing pyramid to be as follows:

Marketing Pyramid: Level 1 - Business website, Level 2 - Online Presence, Level 3 - Organic Marketing, Level 4 - Paid Marketing

The most important thing for your online business, the base of the pyramid, is to have a great website.  Your website is most likely the main channel to sell your products and/or services online.  All other aspects of online marketing, including the other layers of my pyramid, drive traffic to your website: so it must be awesome.

Next, it's important that your business is found on the apps and tools that customers use, that are applicable to your business.  Your information needs to be correct and you need to leverage them to their maximum potential.

Following that you need to leverage the numerous free services, including organic search and social media platforms, to engage customers, existing and future.

Finally, you can utilize paid marketing platforms to target audiences with offers specific to their demographic information and/or interests.

I focus on the base layers of the pyramid: Business Website and Online Presence, with some attention to Organic Marketing.

There are four main areas that I focus on in order to improve your online business across these pyramid layers.

Improve Your Website

Whether you already have a website or are looking to create one, I can help. 

For existing websites, after performing a Website Quality Assessment, we'll discuss my findings and determine ways to correct problems, improve the customer experience, and optimize webpages for accessibility tools and organic search engines. 

If you're interested in creating a new website, I'll build a website for you with a design that aligns with your business profile and brand.  I'll also implement features to excite and engage your customers. 

Learn more about how I can help Improve Your Website.

Also, have a look at the sample websites I've created that are examples of my website design and some of the many features that I can include on your website.

Tatt 2 You logo

Tatt 2 You is a fictitious tattoo parlour that includes:

  • Imagery and photos, both as page content and as various photo gallery styles

  • Text and image animation

  • An overview of an integrated Booking and Appointment service

  • Integrated Google Maps and Contact Us forms

Website Quality Assessment

An assessment of your website will ensure that it behaves the same way for every customer whether they're sitting at home using their laptop or in a cafe on their cell phone.  This quality assessment performs common activities a customer would do with additional detailed attention to website design, features, and webpage construction.  My review also includes an evaluation of how accessible your website is.

Learn more about what I do for the Website Quality Assessment.

Online Presence

The customer's journey will most likely not begin at your website.  Their first digital contact with you could be using a popular search engine, social media platform, or online map. 

I will identify the online platforms that display your business information, validate the accuracy of that information, and point out opportunities for enhancement.

Learn more about what I do for an Online Presence Assessment.

Analytics and Reporting

It's important to understand who visits you wherever you're found: your website, a social media platform, or business registry. 

There's an abundance of information available about visitors to your online business including where they're located, what language they prefer, what they look at, and when they leave. Knowledge is power and you can use this information to learn, adapt and evolve.

I can gather information from reporting sources such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, and the insights provided by many social media platforms (e.g. Facebook Insights). If you're not set-up with these tools yet, I'll install and register you.

Using Google Data Studio, I'll consolidate that information into easy to understand metrics and work with you to improve, enhance, and adjust your online presence and website based on the knowledge we've gained.  Learn more about the Analytics & Reporting I can provide for you.

Test Lab

Websites can look and behave differently using a laptop, a mobile phone, or a tablet.  Different web browsers can also affect how a website looks and acts.  All the work I perform uses the devices and software that customers use.  This is the best way to simulate the customer experience.

If you already have a website with Google Analytics installed I'll use the reporting information it provides to target the hardware and software used by your site visitors.  I regularly update software and apps in order to determine whether new versions change the customer experience. 

Learn more about the devices and software found in the Test Lab.

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