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Key Accomplishments

Top Search

Optimized website so that the business is a top ranking result for local search and a top 5 result for over 123 keywords (33% of website impressions).


Improved online presence, search opitimization, and rebuilt website resulting in more visitors and increased online sales within months of website launch.


Identified and improved website accessibility on multiple website builder platforms.

I've already helped businesses improve their website quality and online presence.  I've also set them up with the tools needed to get found on organic search and created reporting that will help to improve their customer knowledge, existing and potential.  I'd be happy to provide the same assistance to you and your business.

Have a look at the reviews from businesses I've already helped or read the details on the specific services I've provided to select businesses below.

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Chez Le Dentiste

Chez Le Dentiste website

Visit the website here:

Chez Le Dentiste

Performed an online presence assessment of the clinic and dentists.  Updated clinic listings on Google, Bing, and other platforms (e.g. Yelp) so that information is complete, accurate, and consistent across all platforms.  Optimized listings on each platform to leverage the features that each platform offers.


Created listings for each dentist on Google and Bing (6 listings for each) to improve search ranking for the clinic and dentist names when someone performs an organic or map search.  Removed several old, incorrect, and misleading listings ensuring that the clinic and dentists will only appear once on a map search.

Created custom Google Data Studio reports for consolidated insights into the performance of all listings.


Work with Chez Le Dentiste is ongoing.

Chez Le Dentiste - Logo

Julie Bissonnette, coordonnatrice clinique

"Merci Kevin d'avoir fait un énorme ménage sur nos pages. C'est important d'avoir une bonne localisation et les bonnes informations pour les clients existants et potentiels. Merci pour ton professionnalisme et ton efficacité :)"
Chez Le Dentiste


EcoRepos website home page

Visit the website here:


The website is built using the Wix Web Building Platform.

This is a new online store.  Investigated and analyzed online platforms (Shopify, Etsy, Wix) to determine the most appropriate platform for this business.  The Wix Website Builder Platform was selected by the client.  Created a bilingual (French / English) online store including functionality such as online ordering, invoicing, and online payments.


Due to the nature of the product sold, particular attention was paid to the style guide for this website (colours, fonts, imagery, etc.).  The website style is intended to be calming and warm.  Created website content in collaboration with the client ensuring that key information is presented in a calm and sympathetic voice. The website also includes additional information about related businesses, government regulations, etc., and specific keywords in order to position the website as an information source and improve organic search rankings (SEO).

Created Google Business Profile and Bing Places for Business listings and registered the website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.  Produce custom Google Data Studio reports for enhanced insights into organic search and website visitors (Google Analytics).


Work with EcoRepos is ongoing.

CNC Programming Services

C.N.C. Programming Services Inc.

CNC Programming Services - Homepage - 60

Visit the website here:

C.N.C. Programming Services

The website is built using the Wix Web Building Platform.

Migrated existing website to the Wix Website Builder Platform.  Included imagery and videos to enhance the visual appearance of the website.  Created website content, ensuring that key sales information and business concepts were included.  Also included specific keywords in webpage content for improved organic search rankings (SEO).

Created business profiles on (Google Business Profile and Bing Places for Business) and registered the website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.  Identified online presence across the Internet and contacted website owners to correct erroneous information.

Created custom Google Data Studio reports for enhanced insights into organic search and website visitors (Google Analytics).

The improvements to the website and online presence have resulted in new sales within the first 3 months of the website launch.

Work with C.N.C. Programming Services Inc. is ongoing.

Mike Beazer's LinkedIn profile

Mike Beazer

"Excellent job, delivered on time on budget. Kevin brought excellent ideas to the specification phase."
C.N.C. Programming Services Inc. logo


Website Homepage

Visit the website here:


The website is built using the Kajabi Online Business Platform.

Performed a website quality assessment of priority webpages identifying areas for improvement in accessibility, user experience, functionality, and performance.

Provided advice and guidance on website setup in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.  Created custom Google Data Studio reports integrating insights from multiple platforms (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, LinkedIn, etc.) resulting in a holistic view of customer acquisition and engagement.

Continuing to work as an advisor for online marketing activities.

"We had a great experience with Kevin and his Tee Em Tee Consulting company reviewing our website and providing us with comprehensive testing, great suggestions and extensive support. Kevin was particularly good at pointing out inconsistencies on our website, areas that needed to be changed to meet accessibility standards. He helped us with setting up Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, specifically creating reports to help manage our web presence. I was very impressed at his thoroughness, in particular finding text that was not visible unless you printed the web page. I personally worked with Kevin before, and he always goes above and beyond what I expect to do the best job possible. He is reliable, responsive, and his suggestions are well thought out and appropriate. I highly recommend Kevin and his consulting services."
Joanna Tivig's LinkedIn profile

Joanna Tivig

Peter Monkhouse's LinkedIn profile

Peter Monkhouse

NewGenP logo
Suzanne Jewelry Designs

Suzanne Jewelry Designs

Website Homepage

Visit the website here:

Suzanne Jewelry Designs

The Suzanne Jewelry Designs website is a business page on Facebook.

Registered and optimized business on Google Business Profile for improved online presence. Enhanced Facebook Business Page with expanded business and product information.  Created customized reporting integrating Facebook and Google Business Profile insights for a holistic understanding of customer engagement.  

Assisting with site set-up on the Etsy online marketplace including photo editing and optimization, writing product descriptions, and reporting integration.

Work for Suzanne Jewelry Design is ongoing.

Suzanne Beazer's LinkedIn profile

Suzanne Beazer - Owner and Designer

"Kevin offers an outstanding level of service! His attention to detail and amazing focus is second to none! This has enabled him to truly understand my business goals and support me in my journey with results! I continue to enjoy and see the value in the support and action Kevin has taken with me and my company. If online presence is what you seek, tee em tee consulting is who you need."
Suzanne Jewelry Designs logo
Vintage Salon de Barbier

Vintage Salon de Barbier

Vintage Salon de Barbier website home page

Visit the website here:

Vintage Salon de Barbier

The website is built using the Wix Website Builder Platform.  This is a multi-lingual website (french and english).

Assessed the online presence of the business, identifying incorrect and out of date information on third-party platforms.  Recognized opportunities to increase the business profile on business registries, online maps, and business aggregators.  SEO improvement opportunities were also identified.

Registered the business and website with Google Business Profile, Bing, business aggregators, and Google, Bing, and Apple online maps.  Improved the accuracy of business information and optimized the business profile across all platforms.

The business now appears on all mapping tools and is a top local search result on Google, Bing, and Yelp.

Improved the presentation of services offered on the Resurva Appointment, Scheduling and Calendar app.

Created a custom Google Data Studio report integrating insights from multiple platforms (Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, Google Search Console, Resurva, Facebook, etc.) creating a holistic view of customer acquisition and engagement.

Migrated the website from Wordpress to the Wix Website Builder Platform to address issues identified in the website quality assessment.

Work with Vintage Salon de Barbier is ongoing.

Mathieu Morin - Co-proprietor + Barber

Sam Pruneau - Co-proprietor + Barber

"Merci énormement à Kevin , d’avoir apporter l’experience client sur notre site web à un autre niveau . Suite à plusieurs conseils et modifications nous avons appercu une énorme hausse à notre clientèle ! Nous sommes toujours dans les tops quand les gens font des recherches pour un salon de barbier à sherbrooke . Merci encore et longue vie à votre travail ."
Vintage Salon de Barbier logo


Website Homepage

Visit the website here:

Make it Elemental

The Elemental website is built and hosted by the Squarespace Website Builder Platform.

Performed a website quality assessment identifying issues and areas for improvement.  Used the Squarespace editor to actively resolve problems with accessibility, user experience, and functionality.  Informed Squarespace support on issues that couldn't be resolved for inclusion in their upgrade schedule.


Enhanced website page structure and webpage organization to improve site presentation to visitors and search engines including the addition of a sitemap and privacy/cookie policy.

Collaborated with the client to improve webpage content to better present her information in her voice. 

Set-up the website on Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing Webmaster Tools for improved analytics and reporting.  Created a custom Google Data Studio report to increase customer knowledge and identify areas for enhanced customer engagement.

Additional improvements are ongoing...

Elizabeth Dowd's LinkedIn profile

Elizabeth Dowd - Founder + Creative Director

"I had no idea how much my website needed to improve until I worked with Kevin. I actually thought it was pretty good. Little do I know! He greatly improved accessibility, overall readability on multiple platforms, worked with squarespace on formatting and improved the overall search qualities and SEO. He offered some really good suggestions on design and layout and how I could improve the overall experience. He was detailed, professional and a great communicator. I highly recommend working with Kevin!"
Elemental logo
Felix Global

Felix Global

Website Homepage

Visit their website here:

Felix Global

The Felix Global website is custom built, hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Performed a website quality assessment identifying areas for improvement in accessibility, user experience, functionality, and performance.

Steve White's LinkedIn profile

Steve White - VP, Client Services

"Kevin did an excellent job reviewing our corporate website. He was detailed in his approach, his testing was comprehensive, and, recommendations were constructive & relevant. His feedback helped improve our user experience, functionality, and making the site more accessible. I certainly recommend his consulting services."
Felix Global Logo
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