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The Test Lab

Located in Quebec, Canada the lab has been constructed so that any website, anywhere in the world, can be tested thoroughly.  Hardware and software are available to simulate the experience what customers would experience and tools have been installed to analyze and assess webpage code.

A suite of tools has been gathered that will be used to assess website accessibility, functionality, and performance.

Testing Tools

These tools are provided or recommended by industry bodies such as Google and W3C.

The lab is able to connect to internet entry points in 48 countries around the world.

Windows Laptop



Samsung Phone

Real Devices

Testing is performed on real devices, devices that your customers use.  There are tools that 'simulate' different devices, though they often just imitate screen dimensions or use old versions of the operating system and software/apps.

If you want to really validate what customers experience you need to use the devices and software that they actually use.

Popular Browsers

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

MS Edge

Mobile Safari

Chrome Mobile

Samsung Android

I regularly check which web browsers are popular so that I can confirm that your website is trouble-free using the software that people use.

Test Scenarios

Over 200 test scenarios have been created based upon common website /webpage design, content, and features.  Test scenarios will be created, adjusted, and removed based upon the features and functions found on each individual webpage.

The goal is to have a complete and comprehensive suite of tests that cover each page for the four testing categories I check.

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